Game Control

How to choose suitable Video-mode, PAL or NTSC?

When we used to play NES games, most of us use the TV to display. PAL and NTSC are the two mainstream modulation methods of the TV.

* NTSC is used in the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Central America, parts of South America and some other countries, while PAL is used in Great Britain, most countries in Europe and Africa, Australia, the Middle East, China, India and some other countries.

And they give us, game players, the most obvious difference in experience is the speed of the game. The former game frame rate is close to 50FPS, and the latter is close to 60FPS. Therefore, the former would make you feel little slower than the latter.

The Video-Mode can let you choose the game speed that you used to before.

How to adjust the speed of game?

Generally speaking, the game speed is fixed. But Video-Mode option, PAL or NTSC, will give you different speed experiences. Just try it please and choose the game speed that you used to before.

Why is the size of the screenshot fixed at 250x240?

The original size of the game is exactly 250x240. When the screen is drawn, it is purely enlarged or reduced in pixels. Therefore, the screenshot feature uses the original size, which can effectively avoid distortion. if you need, you can easily use your familiar picture editing software for further processing.

What are the limits of archive of game state and why?

Each game can have only one archive of game state. A total of 50 games can be stored.

When the quota is exceeded, the website will guide you to deal with it. You can choose to overwrite the game state of oldest one, or you can manually delete somes to free up space for storing new game state.

Websites do this because most browsers limit the total capacity of their respective local storage to 5MB on a site basis.

How to enter the mobile mode page when play game?

The website has designed exclusive game pages formobile phones and tablets to provide an immersive game experience.

In the [More] panel of each game page, you can see this entry.

In addition, when you click the [Start Game] button, if you are currently using a mobile device, the website will ask you as well whether to enter the mobile mode page.

How to exit re-enter the full screen in Mobile Mode?

In the Mobile Mode, When the game starts, the webpage will automatically enter the full screen.

If you want to exit the full screen, or re-enter the full screen, you can do it in the same way: Find the button [FullSCR] or the icon , and then click it.

How to switch landscape or portrait layout in Mobile Mode?

When you are playing a game on your phone or tablet, you might want to change the layout from landscape to portrait mode or vice versa.

First and foremost, your browser should support the rotations and already enable it.

Then, swipe down the screen of mobile to access your [Quick Settings] and tap on [Auto Rotate].

Now, you can easily turn the screen into landscape view or portrait view, the webpage will follow the same layout as the view.

Fault Handling

Errors occurred in the texture

When the problem occurs, the characters or background in the game will become wrong color blocks. When this occasionally happens, it is mostly when whole scene switching or sometimes load game state.

This bug has been traced, but there is no good solution to deal with it thoroughly in this moment.

The recommended solutions are:

1. To use the Save feature immediately to save the game state. Refresh the webpage to reload the game, and then use Load feature to resume game state;

2. Or continue the game, and then take the initiative to carry out those operations that can switch the game scene to redraw the entire scene, but this depends on the logic of the specific game.

Very lagging on some devices and unable to play game smoothly

In fact, the final presentation of the game is a comprehensive application of multimedia technology. Including the calculation of game datas, video decoding and real-time rendering, audio decoding and playback, etc. Therefore, this will have certain requirements on the performance of your hardware and your browser.

You can try with the following suggestions:
1. Temporarily cancel the power saving plan, which will allow the CPU to exert its full performance (if this feature not turned on, please ignore this step);
2. Turn on the hardware acceleration function of the browser (most browsers are enabled by default; if you have not actively closed it, please ignore this step);
3. Try to close some applications that are running in the background;
4. Try other browsers, I would recommend using new version of Chrome;
5. Try to use another PC or mobile device.


How to submit new games inclusion application?

o(∩_∩)o First of all, I will be very happy to receive the sumbitions from everyone for their favorite games. A good game is worth to share and play together, this is players' common happy.

Send an email to me please. And make sure to include [Nes-Games][New Games Inclusion] in the subject of the email to facilitate automatic filing of mailbox rules.Meanwhile, please include the full name and summary description of the game in the body of the email. It would be better if there are screenshots provided at the same time (so that I can accurately find out the game you expected). I will continue to put good games online based on your feedback.

It needs to be added that not all new game applications will be approved. There are two reasons:
1.When the game cassette was made before, there were different chip types. Therefore, the corresponding Rom data was also distinguished by the chip. Currently I am not able to fully decode all chip types.
2.In order to ensure the user’s experience, I only put those games online that was really interesting and that most people love. So I will review the games by myself, this process may have a certain degree of subjectivity. I hope you understand me.

Whether to support the gamepad?

Short in answer, not currently yet but can do it.

Many newest modern browsers has successively supported GamePad API, which can directly recognize and use gamepads, including USB gamepads and Bluetooth gamepads. This feature was in my future plan. I will decide whether to complete the development and when to public this feature based on user's feedback.

At present, if you really want to experience it in advance, you can also implement it through some softwares, such as JoyToKey, which will maps the gamepad buttons to keyboard buttons, this would only take you about 1 minute to configure after download and setup.


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